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Environmental Policy (ISO14001)

“At TBK, we recognize that protecting our precious earth and its environment is an important task for each and everyone of us.
Thus, we vow to make every effort to reduce our impact on the environment. “
The following guidelines have been set to actualize this fundamental principle.


Conduct appropriate environmental control activities to reduce the environmental impact of the TBK Group’s activities, products, and services, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of our society.


Effectively utilize environmental management systems to prevent pollution and conduct continuous improvement.


Adhere to the laws related to the environment and other requirements agreed by the TBK Group.


Regulate our greenhouse gas emissions throughout the full lifecycle of our business activities and products/services.


Be guided by this fundamental principle when setting environmental goals and targets, formulating activity plans, and conducting specific activities with particular focus on the promotion of the following items:

(1) Promoting energy efficiency and minimizing the resources used
(2) Reducing scrap and promoting recycling
(3) Reducing the environmental impact of our products


Promote environmental education and awareness training to raise the level of environmental awareness of each and every one of our employees, thereby contributing to our immediate communities.

Environmental Activities

Environmental initiatives

Energy saving initiatives. TBK is currently rolling out LED light fittings throughout all factories and offices within the group as they consume less electricity and have a smaller impact on the environment.
Scrap reduction initiatives. TBK is working to reduce the amount of scrap arising from our production activities by focusing on the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).
・At TBK, we recycle various types of scrap arising from our production activities and etc., which include offcuts, cardboard boxes, scrap oil, scrap liquid, and scrap plastic.
・At our die casting plants, we recycle excess sand and molten metal.
Utilizing natural energy. At our Fukushima plant, we utilize the power generated by our solar and wind generators to reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Street lights inside Fukushima plant
    Commenced utilization of solar & wind power (Feb. 2014)
    Solar power output: 170W
    Wind power output: 64W (10m/s time)
  • No.1 Plant
    Commenced utilization of solar power (Mar. 2014)
    Output: 500KW
    CO2: 24KL / month reduction
  • No.4 Plant
    Commenced utilization of solar power (Mar. 2015)
    Output: 100KW