TBK Co., Ltd.

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Procurement Policy

TBK’s manufacturing and purchasing activities expand across Japan and the globe.
Our basic stance when procuring components for such global manufacturing activities is to provide all suppliers both in Japan and overseas with the same business opportunities, so that we are able to select the best components available that meet our criteria through an impartial review. Further, we seek to foster cooperative relationships and mutual trust with our suppliers while observing international and Japanese laws as well as social norms to deliver optimal quality and price to our customers. At the same time, we ask that our suppliers support us in actively promoting initiatives such as global environmental conservation, so that we are able to fulfill our social responsibility.

Main procurement items 1.FC, FCD castings (particularly thin-walled castings)
2.Aluminum castings incl. die castings and gravity castings
3.Cold and hot forgings
4.Pressed parts
5.Rubber and resin-molded parts
6.Parts processed using lathes or machining centers
7.Surface treatment and heat treatment of steel or die castings
9.Sintered parts

Green Purchasing Guidelines

The goal of TBK’s “Green Purchasing” policy is to minimize the impact we have on the environment by reducing the burden that our manufacturing activities and our products place on the environment as well as by purchasing raw materials and parts that excel in terms of their low environmental impact.
When looking at reducing environmental impact, it is important to consider the complete life cycle of products, materials and parts purchased for manufacturing activities- from actual purchasing of the products to the products’ processing, assembly, transport, use and disposal throughout TBK Group. However, this is something that cannot be achieved by TBK’s efforts alone and requires the co-operation of our suppliers. The need to take action to prevent global warming is greater now than ever before. At TBK, we wish to strengthen the cooperation with our suppliers to further respond to these needs of the environment.
While we would like to acknowledge and thank you for your cooperation with TBK’s initiatives until now, we would also like to ask for your further understanding and support in going forward.