TBK Co., Ltd.

Voices of Our Existing Employees

Senior employees who participated in the discussion

Young to mid-career senior employees who are active on the front lines of TBK's business.
We interviewed them about their motives for choosing TBK, their job satisfaction, and their thoughts on the future!

HAYATO Team Leader, R&D Division, No.1 Pump Group No.1
16 years since joining the company

NAOKI R&D Division No.2, Brake Group
9 years since joining the company

JIANHUA R&D Division No.2, Brake Group
6 years since joining the company

ASUKA Business Planning Division, Finance Department
4 years since joining the company

YOSHIKI Purchasing Division
3 years since joining the company

Why did you choose TBK?

Because I received the notice of unofficial appointment from TBK earlier than other companies. (laughs)

Because TBK gives me a chance to work in Japan.

I like automobile and wanted to get involved in automobile as an engineer.

Same. It is good for me to be involved in manufacturing from planning to manufacturing

I thought I can take on new challenges and expand my potential.

Did you have any concerns with your knowledge because your background is liberal arts?

I think there are some, but I was more interested in how to use my knowledge.

That positive feeling sounds good. So how was it actually?

There are many jobs that require communication skills and coordination skills, and I feel that there are many chances for people without automotive knowledge.

TBK is expanding globally, we can also make use of our language skills.

Were there any gaps after joining TBK?

I jumped in without prejudice, so I felt there was no gap.

I was surprised that my boss and directors was so friendly. Rather too friendly. (laughs)

I think so too. I was surprised that they are so friendly enough to talk about my private matters. (laughs).

I don’t feel any walls between the departments. My work needs coordination beyond departments, But I can arrange it so smoothly because it is easy to talk to everyone.

Is it because of the club activities such as futsal and fishing?

Yeah, it's definitely part of a reason. I've expanded my network with futsal

I was worried about my first career and working in Japan, but I was able to get used to the workplace smoothly. That's a kind of the gap, isn't it?

Please let me know if you have a recommended In-house system of TBK.

The flex system is very helpful because I can send my child to a nursery school before going to work.

Easy to take paid leave. If there is no problem with my work, the application will pass without any difficulties, so I am happy that it is easy to plan a trip.

Paid leave can be taken together with long vacations such as New Year holidays. It is helpful because it takes time for me to travel to China. Of course, I need to finish my business before that.

I often hear people say that many employees are using the reduced working hours system, and that can be used until the child is in the sixth grade of elementary school.

Speaking of training, the company will bear part of the cost of online training as self-development.

When I was promoted to team leader, I was glad that I was able to learn the management method through career training.

The Purchasing Ddivision holds a weekly in-house study session to increase knowledge and improve presentation skills.

For me, I was very grateful for the Japanese language training outside and inside the company (*).
* There is in-house Japanese language training for foreigners.

Please tell us about your own growth and job satisfaction.

I work very carefully because my department handles company cash, but because of that, it took a lot of time to handle the cash at first. I felt my growth to be able to shorten it compared to before.

Since there are many negotiations with business partners in purchasing, I think I have improved my communication skills. When I just joined TBK, I couldn't inform delivery date and other basic things that we have to inform to our suppliers.

I've been dealing with customers since the second year, and I think I have been developing my skills since then. "Thank you" from our customers really encourage me to work.

It's very rewarding for developers when our designs become products and come out into the world.

I can totally understand that. Whenever I find a truck, I always check the rear part of them and look for my parts. (laughs)

Developers habit (laughs)

One more point I would like to add. When we can finally draw a mass production drawing through many many processes, we finally get a sense of openness and achievement feeling. (laughs)

I understand!!! (laughs)

I understand!!! (laughs)

What is the future you are aiming for?

I've just been promoted to a team leader, so my immediate goal is to be a strong leader in the team.

I aim for a managerial position at work. Also, I want to enhance my private life while maintaining a good balance with my work.

I would like to create new trends in automotive industry.

I want to incorporate the needs of the world into products and develop new markets.

I want to become stronger in finance and acquire enough knowledge and skills to give management advice.

A word for applicants!

It is TBK where employees get along well with each other and if you have a problem you can always consults. Even if you are worried that the environment will change from your school days, I would like you to join us with confidence.

If you have a strong desire to learn and take on challenges, please come visit us. We have an environment where you can make the most of that motivation.

The training system is well-established, so you can learn the knowledge and skills necessary for work even after joining the company. First of all, please cherish everyone's "want to" and "want to be".

Not only those who like automobile but also those who are not interested in automobile can play an active role. If you find yourself interested on our efforts and environment, please come visit us.

TBK is expanding its business globally. There are also opportunities for business trips and overseas assignments, so I would definitely recommend TBK to those who want to be active in the world.