TBK Co., Ltd.

Products / Technology

Research and Development

Planning, development and design

At TBK, we cover all aspects from planning to the development and design of our products in close consultation with our vehicle and engine manufacturers. This enables all parties, including the manufacturers, to reduce costs and shorten the lead time taken for product development.
In recent years, our focus in our brakes segment has been on the development of full-air brakes and research of new materials for linings and pads. In our pump segment, we have been continuing to pursue weight and noise reduction and increased efficiency. We also contribute to the development activities of our engine and vehicle manufacturers by developing energy-efficient electric pumps, which provide maximum engine performance with minimum drive power.
Further, in terms of improving production efficiency and reducing costs during the design phase, we work to ‘commonize’ our parts and ‘commonize’ our processes where possible.

  • Development activities
  • Development activities

Testing facilities

Bench tests

Before launching new products into the market, TBK conducts stringent performance and durability tests based on actual driving conditions. Moreover, we conduct various environmental tests including heat, humidity, water submersion and vibration tests to verify product reliability.

  • Brake performance tests
    (actual tests carried out with protective cover)
  • Control room for automatic bench tests
  • Water pump performance tests
  • Oil pump performance tests
  • Vibration endurance tests

Vehicle tests

On top of the various performance and durability tests conducted through bench testing, TBK also conducts tests for actual vehicle conditions (and in various environments) on our high-speed circuit, which allows testing from low speeds up to high speeds.

  • Tokachi Proving Ground