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Our strength is in our high productivity achieved through our original TPS Production System.

High production capability achieved through TPS Production System

TPS stands for ‘TBK Production System’, a system that tailors the just-in-time production system to meet the special needs of a business that produces parts specifically for commercial vehicles. This system forms the basis of all products manufactured at TBK.
TPS focuses on maximizing value addition by minimizing lead time, inventory and resources used right from raw materials stage all the way to sales. It is based around the mentality of ‘supplying what is needed, when it is needed and only as much as what is needed’. This system has allowed the adoption of production lines, based on line synchronization and mixed product production methodology, considering the factory layout and original production control systems, thus making it possible to achieve increased productivity and lower costs.

  • Light-weight SAW brake assembly
  • Light-weight SAW shoe assembly
  • Synchronized transferring of shoe
    (directly feeding into the brake line)
  • Expander convergence inspection
  • Automated expander sleeve assembly
  • Automated water pump assembly
  • Oil pump function inspection
  • Gas nitrocarburizing heat treatment furnace
  • Gas carburizing heat treatment furnace