TBK Co., Ltd.

Privacy Policy

TBK Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") deeply understands that the personally identifiable information held by our company (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") is important information that constitutes the privacy of the individual. We have established the following privacy policy regarding the protection of personal information.

Compliance with laws and norms

Our company will comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information, guidelines set by the government, and other guidelines, and will endeavor to appropriately protect personal information. In addition, we will strive for continuous improvement, such as changing this policy and other internal rules regarding the management of personal information as necessary.

Acquisition of personal information

When our company acquire personal information, we will notify or announce the purpose of use and acquire it within the range necessary to achieve.

Use of personal information

Our company will use the acquired personal information for the following purposes. Our company will not use personal information beyond notified or announced scope of the purpose, which is specified, without the consent of the person.

  • To provide and guide our products and services
  • To conduct a questionnaire survey to improve the quality of our products and services and improve customer satisfaction
  • To respond to various inquiries
  • For contacting business partners
  • To fulfill the contract concluded by our company
  • For various notifications to shareholders
  • For various communications associated with recruiting activities
  • In addition to the above, for the purpose of use that we specifically notified or announced when acquiring personal information

Appropriate management of personal information

We will fully recognize the dangers of unauthorized access, loss, falsification, leakage, etc. of the personal information we handle, and will implement necessary and appropriate safety measures. When the handling of personal information is outsourced, we will take necessary and appropriate supervision of the outsourcee so that the security of personal information can be managed.

Provision of personal information to third parties

We will not provide the personal information we hold to a third party except with the prior consent of the individual or in accordance with laws and regulations.

Responding to requests for disclosure of personal information

We will respect the rights of the individual regarding personal information, and if the individual requests disclosure, correction, suspension of use or deletion of personal information, we will respond in good faith in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations. We will confirm your identity when proceed to requests for disclosure, etc.

The information desk

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